Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning is regular cleaning that is performed by contract for certain types of services at pre-agreed intervals. Work can be very different. For external cleaning of buildings, cleaning glasses is included, which means that the windows without frames get cleaned, for example, monthly. For internal cleaning of buildings there are usually three different areas.

Examples of cleaning:
Cleaning inventory
General works, often called minor works, such as. cleaning ashtray bins, cleaning of furniture and lamps.

Cleaning floors
In non textile floors: sweeping, moist cleaning, wet cleaning.
With textile floors: suction, suction brush, removing stains.

Sanitary Cleaning
Cleaning sinks and consoles, cleaning toilets and partition walls, cleaning mirrors, soap and hair dryers, equipping toilet paper supplements.

Frequency of cleaning is based on hygiene needs and cleaning contract.


Something inbetween daily and basic cleaning that is done in order to postpone basic cleaning.

Examples of cleaning:
- On the cleaner floors with machines with one disc or in high-speed process
- Removal of hard-line dirt, or other stains.

Basic cleaning

Is the most thorough cleaning and is usually related to hard surfaces (PVC, linoleum, etc.), textile floors and cleaning bathrooms, and the following care.

Examples of cleaning:
- Removal of waxed and polymer layers from all kinds of surfaces.
- Removal of the hard-line stains.
- Removal of heavy stains with shampooing, extraction or dry cleaning of carpets.
- In sanitary premises thoroughly removing strong plaque, urine or soap remains.
- Under the basic window cleaning we include the cleaning of glass and cleaning the box. Needed care (eg. the metal frame).
- On metal facade we apply basic cleaning of the facade, if not cleaned for years.