Daily cleaning, meaning everyday cleaning, is our most important service.

Cleaning of buildings is primarily associated with targeted solutions to our clients. The requirements of our clients from various fields like public institutions, industry, hotels, spas, food production, hospitals, etc.. are the measure of our services. Our goal is to unburden you. Because of that we make special plans for service and cleaning according to your needs, which guarantee an efficient flow.

Benefits that you get through the transfer of your cleaning needs are obvious: with us you have chosen a professional company with complete service and many years of experience in the field of maintenance facilities. Facilitating your business everyday life, we take over the organization and implementation of daily cleaning needs, to allow you to concentrate on your important activities.
You save time and money!
With our extensive offers you can be sure that your needs will be done with the best quality.


Daily cleaning includes, for example, the following services:

  • - Cleaning inventory
  • - Cleaning floors
  • - Cleaning bathrooms
Cleaning is a matter of trust. You can trust us!