To leave a good impression on your guests.

Cleaning creates comfort. Guest returns back to the hotel, if he feels comfortable. Cleanliness, which is felt in each corner and capable staff, which at any time quietly cares for the guest, is an obvious thing in top noch hotels. Jobs of maids are very extensive and sensitive, because on one side it crosses with the other services in the hotel and on the other hand, includes intimate guest rooms.

Education and training at the hotel with 5 stars

We have developed an educational program with 166 points, which includes all cleaning jobs in hotels 5 stars. Through a very comprehensive statistical work we share certain tasks by the time the engagement. Hotelier can also by their need to choose the scope of our offer. In the hotel industry the principle of "customer first place." Speed and flexibility are therefore the basic conditions to provide the best possible customer service. To meet this need, of course, and we do the maxim "the client above all." As our partners and us is that overriding goal, to have satisfied customers.


Only if your guest are satisfied, we are satisfied.

We offer a complete service for hotels:

  • - Cleaning
  • - Chambermaid services
  • - Maintenance
Believe us, because cleaning is a matter of trust.