Cleaning textile surfaces

The sooner you remove stains, greater the opportunity for success!

Neutral cleaning (shampoo for carpets, ..) eg. sugar, beer, coca cola
oxidative cleaning (bleaching, ..) eg. for fruit stains
thermal cleaning (freezing spray, ..) eg. for chewing gum
alcalic cleaning (grease solvent, ..) eg. for protein, blood, sweat
acid cleaning (solvent scale, ..) eg. for rust
resolvent (acetone, ..) eg. for tar, color, resin

Before removing stains tolerability of material must be checked and after processing it must be rinsed with clean water!

The dark stains on the terrazzo floors in the staircase

Stains on the terrazzo floors in the staircase is attributed to poor maintenance. The most common cases, it is about Rodents acid which arose through liquids like Coca Cola, vinegar, wine, etc.. Tendency to soiling oštećnim these parts is much higher and cause messy scene. Removing impurities by intensive cleaning leads only to short-term improvements, a permanent solution can be achieved only special processing poptu grinding or crystallization.


Cleaning vinegar

Since the use of vinegar to remove the plaque should abandon the modern cleaning. Acetic acid causes oštećenia the chrome fittings. It is recommended to use products based on phosphorus or citric acid, which significantly improves the stones removed.

Potassium soap

In many cases today, many people swear that the "good old potassium soap" best tool for cleaning. Rarely taken into account, that potassium soap has visokoalkalijsku pH-value and the frequent use of matira shiney stone floors or destroyed in the alkaline-sensitive floors such as vinyl.

Cleaning without chemicals

Many manufacturers of textile cleaning mikrostrukturnih recommend the use of their products without the addition of chemistry. When cleaning without chemical additives are not lowered the surface tension of water, not exhaust removes the dirt and on the floors and surfaces are certainly creates a good ground for the creation of calculus.
In any case, it is true, to use mirkostructure may reduce the amount of chemistry and thus achieve greater success in the cleansing.