What is cleaning?

Hot or cold water for cleaning?

The high temperature in terms of cleaning today is no longer relevant, and can even hurt.
The essential ingredients (alcohol, glycol, etc..) easily disappear or evaporate at high temperatures and thus have no effect on the surfaces that should be cleaned.
The result is whiping marks, etc.. => Cleaning is considered bad.
Solution Temperature for cleaning should be at most lukewarm, but never hot!

Rough cleaning of buildings

In rough cleaning the building construction waste is removed. Cleaning takes place during construction. Usually, dry cleaning is used, which is done before mounting screed.




Sample cleaning:
- Removal of construction waste, plaster, paper, cardboard, wood pieces, packaging, etc. nylone.

Cleaning after construction and fine cleaning

Performed after completion of work, renovation, or before moving into the building.

Examples of cleaning:
- Remove the rough dirt on the floors
- Cleaning of all surfaces such as window shelves, radiators, shelves and so on.
- Cleaning doors and frames
- Cleaning the glass surface and frames
- Cleaning switches, etc..
- Cleaning of luminaires
- Fine cleaning and care of hard surface
- Suction brushing of textile substrates
- Cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and walls, sinks, tub, showers, mirrors, shelves, wardrobe, etc..