Professional cleaning

Pure solutions require pure concepts. Professional cleaning is customized for the requirements and needs of individual clients.

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Special services

Under the special services we provide services that are on and in your facility and must be done daily, as well as cleaning and maintenance, but periodically.

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Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning, meaning everyday cleaning, is our most important service.

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Cleaning health institutions

Hospitals, medical practices, health centers, etc... Perfect hygiene - there, where they worry about health.

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Hotel service

To leave a good impression on your guests. Cleaning creates comfort. Guest returns back to the hotel, if he feels comfortable.

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Cleaning services

Cleaning inventory General works, often called minor works, such as. cleaning ashtray bins, cleaning of furniture and lamps.

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Equipment and service

We have top quality equipment and provide top quality cleaning.

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Cleaning of buildings

STANDARD (package) and EXTRA PLUS (vip package)

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Winter services

We are winter service, equipped with the latest gadgets. We do the whole snow clearance.

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Providing staff

You know how difficult it is to find a competent and responsible work force.

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Cleaning after fire and flood

We professionally eliminate damage after a fire caused by: ...

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Catalog of our services

Cleaning external surfaces and places, Cleaning of buildings, Snow clearance ...

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Cleaning after construction work

Your facility is completed, but now you need a reliable cleaning partner after the construction work. Call us, and we will gladly look at your facility. And - without any obligations and costs - you will get a detailed offer. Cleaning after construction works is possible from 50 RSD per square meter of the building. In addition to the cleaning service after the construction work, we can offer you the following additional cleaning services.

After this, dry cleaning of the building, and, if necessary, of the surrounding area. During this time, masters still perform finishing works.

Wash the windows, doors, floors and all other things in the facility in detail. It is very important that the masters do not enter this facility after completing the fine cleaning.