Under the special services we provide services that are on and in your facility and must be done daily, as well as cleaning and maintenance, but periodically.

Frequently used areas, like corridors, offices or retail spaces get dirty with time in spite of everyday cleaning, so that thorough cleaning of certain areas due to frequent use is inevitable. But the outer surface, which is not subject to frequent turnover, but are subject to the weather conditions, it is time to clean thoroughly. Regular cleaning and care not only creates clarity in your facility, but maintaines its value.
Because of that, our team of specialists tries to fulfill your request with full understanding.


Excerpt from our range of special services:

  • - Cleaning after construction works
  • - Thoroughly cleaning and care of all types of floors
  • - Cleaning of glass and facade
  • - Maintenance of external devices
  • - Cleaning machines and equipment
Our goal is to support our customers through our cleaning concepts so that their company's productivity would be increased through the pleasure of their associates.