Cleaning services


Hot or cold water for cleaning? The high temperature in terms of cleaning today is no longer relevant, and can even hurt. The essential ingredients (alcohol, glycol, etc..) easily disappear or evaporate at high temperatures and thus have no effect on the surfaces that should be cleaned. The result is whiping marks, etc.. => Cleaning is considered bad. Solution Temperature for cleaning should be at most lukewarm, but never hot! Rough cleaning of buildings In rough cleaning the building construction waste is removed. Cleaning takes place during construction. Usually, dry cleaning is used, which is done before mounting screed. Sample cleaning: - Removal of construction waste, plaster, paper, cardboard, wood pieces, packaging, etc. nylone. Cleaning after construction and fine cleaning Performed after completion of work, renovation, or before moving into the building. Examples of cleaning: - Remove the rough dirt on the floors - Cleaning of all surfaces such as window shelves, radiators, shelves and so on. - Cleaning doors and frames - Cleaning the glass surface and frames - Cleaning switches, etc.. - Cleaning of luminaires - Fine cleaning and care of hard surface - Suction brushing of textile substrates - Cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and walls, sinks, tub, showers, mirrors, shelves, wardrobe, etc..



Daily cleaning is regular cleaning that is performed by contract for certain types of services at pre-agreed intervals. Work can be very different. For external cleaning of buildings, cleaning glasses is included, which means that the windows without frames get cleaned, for example, monthly. For internal cleaning of buildings there are usually three different areas. Examples of cleaning: Cleaning inventory General works, often called minor works, such as. cleaning ashtray bins, cleaning of furniture and lamps. Cleaning floors In non textile floors: sweeping, moist cleaning, wet cleaning. With textile floors: suction, suction brush, removing stains. Sanitary Cleaning Cleaning sinks and consoles, cleaning toilets and partition walls, cleaning mirrors, soap and hair dryers, equipping toilet paper supplements. Frequency of cleaning is based on hygiene needs and cleaning contract. Inter-Cleaning Something inbetween daily and basic cleaning that is done in order to postpone basic cleaning. Examples of cleaning: - On the cleaner floors with machines with one disc or in high-speed process - Removal of hard-line dirt, or other stains. Basic cleaning Is the most thorough cleaning and is usually related to hard surfaces (PVC, linoleum, etc.), textile floors and cleaning bathrooms, and the following care. Examples of cleaning: - Removal of waxed and polymer layers from all kinds of surfaces. - Removal of the hard-line stains. - Removal of heavy stains with shampooing, extraction or dry cleaning of carpets. - In sanitary premises thoroughly removing strong plaque, urine or soap remains. - Under the basic window cleaning we include the cleaning of glass and cleaning the box. Needed care (eg. the metal frame). - On metal facade we apply basic cleaning of the facade, if not cleaned for years.



We have a real partner in all areas, where special care and special expertise is required to achieve high performance cleaning value.

Cleaning windows

Professional window cleaning includes: glass, the upper windows, winter gardens, frames and entrance portals.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning includes removal, cleaning, and setting up curtains, gardin and lame. Ideally combined with cleaning windows.

Facade cleaning

Storms and other natural influences contribute to the loss of the original look of home facades. Professional cleaning, rehabilitation and conservation of the facade makes it look shiney. Protecting the environment and saving costs we always have the right technique for glass, metal, stone, sand or other surface.

Cleaning floors

The surfaces of floors to spend months and years. Lose their shine and created trails, which can be prevented by regular cleaning and care. With modern machinery and equipment, and protecting the environment šamponiramo and impregniramo carpets, čepimo hard floors, clean tile and natural stone floors and industrial floors stružemo.

Cleaning carpets

Oriental Carpet cleaning: washing, carefully washing, hand washing, straining, and protection from moths Floors of artificial stone and marble: basic cleaning, crystallization, polishing, protection against water and stains PVC, and rubber flooring linol: basic cleansing, sinking the polymer disperziom - glossy or matte

Computer cleaning apparatus

Impurities of computer systems not only look nasty, but represent a risk for undisturbed work on your computer. To remove or prevent the problem professionally clean the keyboard and case, remove dirt inside a computer, printer absorptive tonersku dust.

Bubble gum removal

We quickly and effectively remove chewing gum and bubble gum residues, for example. from public places, the entrance portal, shopping centers, staircases, cinemas and escalators. Cleaning device through niskopritisnih particularly protects the surface and the environment. Are concerned aluminum, steel nrđajući, artificial or natural stone, concrete, asphalt or other surfaces, we always have the right technique.

Cleaning furniture and mattresses

Using wet and dry cleaning professional clean all coated furniture. No chemistry, and therefore particularly protecting the environment clean mattress of bacteria (allergen test stamped).

Cleaning after fires and floods

We expertly remove the damage caused by fire after začađenja: - Cleaning - Removal of soot - Removal of the remains of water - Drying out after floods - Removal of smell.



The sooner you remove stains, greater the opportunity for success!

Neutral cleaning (shampoo for carpets, ..) eg. sugar, beer, coca cola
oxidative cleaning (bleaching, ..) eg. for fruit stains
thermal cleaning (freezing spray, ..) eg. for chewing gum
alcalic cleaning (grease solvent, ..) eg. for protein, blood, sweat
acid cleaning (solvent scale, ..) eg. for rust
resolvent (acetone, ..) eg. for tar, color, resin

Before removing stains tolerability of material must be checked and after processing it must be rinsed with clean water!

The dark stains on the terrazzo floors in the staircase
Stains on the terrazzo floors in the staircase is attributed to poor maintenance. The most common cases, it is about Rodents acid which arose through liquids like Coca Cola, vinegar, wine, etc.. Tendency to soiling oštećnim these parts is much higher and cause messy scene. Removing impurities by intensive cleaning leads only to short-term improvements, a permanent solution can be achieved only special processing poptu grinding or crystallization.

Cleaning vinegar
Since the use of vinegar to remove the plaque should abandon the modern cleaning. Acetic acid causes oštećenia the chrome fittings. It is recommended to use products based on phosphorus or citric acid, which significantly improves the stones removed.

Potassium soap
In many cases today, many people swear that the "good old potassium soap" best tool for cleaning. Rarely taken into account, that potassium soap has visokoalkalijsku pH-value and the frequent use of matira shiney stone floors or destroyed in the alkaline-sensitive floors such as vinyl.

Cleaning without chemicals
Many manufacturers of textile cleaning mikrostrukturnih recommend the use of their products without the addition of chemistry. When cleaning without chemical additives are not lowered the surface tension of water, not exhaust removes the dirt and on the floors and surfaces are certainly creates a good ground for the creation of calculus. In any case, it is true, to use mirkostructure may reduce the amount of chemistry and thus achieve greater success in the cleansing.