Special cleaning

We have a real partner in all areas, where special care and special expertise is required to achieve high performance cleaning value.

Cleaning windows

Professional window cleaning includes: glass, the upper windows, winter gardens, frames and entrance portals.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning includes removal, cleaning, and setting up curtains, gardin and lame. Ideally combined with cleaning windows.

Facade cleaning

Storms and other natural influences contribute to the loss of the original look of home facades. Professional cleaning, rehabilitation and conservation of the facade makes it look shiney. Protecting the environment and saving costs we always have the right technique for glass, metal, stone, sand or other surface.

Cleaning floors

The surfaces of floors to spend months and years. Lose their shine and created trails, which can be prevented by regular cleaning and care. With modern machinery and equipment, and protecting the environment šamponiramo and impregniramo carpets, čepimo hard floors, clean tile and natural stone floors and industrial floors stružemo.

Cleaning carpets

Oriental Carpet cleaning: washing, carefully washing, hand washing, straining, and protection from moths
Floors of artificial stone and marble: basic cleaning, crystallization, polishing, protection against water and stains
PVC, and rubber flooring linol: basic cleansing, sinking the polymer disperziom - glossy or matte

Computer cleaning apparatus

Impurities of computer systems not only look nasty, but represent a risk for undisturbed work on your computer. To remove or prevent the problem professionally clean the keyboard and case, remove dirt inside a computer, printer absorptive tonersku dust.

Bubble gum removal

We quickly and effectively remove chewing gum and bubble gum residues, for example. from public places, the entrance portal, shopping centers, staircases, cinemas and escalators. Cleaning device through niskopritisnih particularly protects the surface and the environment. Are concerned aluminum, steel nrđajući, artificial or natural stone, concrete, asphalt or other surfaces, we always have the right technique.

Cleaning furniture and mattresses

Using wet and dry cleaning professional clean all coated furniture. No chemistry, and therefore particularly protecting the environment clean mattress of bacteria (allergen test stamped).

Cleaning after fires and floods

We expertly remove the damage caused by fire after začađenja:
- Cleaning
- Removal of soot
- Removal of the remains of water
- Drying out after floods
- Removal of smell.